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    Commercial Law Experts

    Throughout the life cycle of your business, there will be times when you need legal advice. At Quill Legal, we understand how important it is that all aspects of commercial law are dealt with efficiently. This leaves you to concentrate on running your empire, no matter how large or small it may be.

    We can handle any legal issues that arise, from the time you apply for your first lease, or buy your first commercial property, to the time you sell your assets. No matter what stage your business is at, when you want first-class legal advice, our team is at hand to help. Our innovation and pragmatism allow us to find solutions for our business clients.

    No matter how simple or complex the matter, we are a team of commercial lawyers who understand the realities that face entrepreneurs. Combine this with over 10 years of experience in commercial law, and you have a business lawyer who can help with complex negotiations and important legal decisions.

    Quill Legal can assist you with a range of matters including:

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    Commercial Leasing

    If you find yourself in the position where a dispute has arisen relating to your business, you will need a competent commercial litigation lawyer to act on your behalf. This is where Quill Legal steps in. We understand the complex nature of disputes involving corporate or business law, and will do our utmost to help resolve issues without legal action.

    Commercial Litigation

    If you find yourself in the position where a dispute has arisen relating to your business, you will need a competent commercial litigation lawyer to act on your behalf. This is where Quill Legal steps in. We understand the complex nature of disputes involving corporate or business law, and will do our utmost to help resolve issues without legal action.

    Purchasing or Selling a Business

    Buying or selling a business can be stressful for anyone. Quill Legal aims to make the process as smooth and seamless as possible, allowing you to concentrate on the daily operation of your new or existing enterprise.

    Business Transactions

    Buying or selling a business can be stressful for anyone. Quill Legal aims to make the process as smooth and seamless as possible, allowing you to concentrate on the daily operation of your new or existing enterprise.

    Contracts, Agreements and Deeds

    Buying or selling a business can be stressful for anyone. Quill Legal aims to make the process as smooth and seamless as possible, allowing you to concentrate on the daily operation of your new or existing enterprise.

    Why Quill Legal & How It Works

    Our promise to you is that you will get expert advice and a service which is second to none every time. We deliver documents to an exacting standard and will always respond in a timely manner.

    At Quill Legal, we believe that listening to what you want helps us know your requirements. We educate you by explaining the legalities of the situation in a language you can understand, so you can make informed decisions. Ultimately, we earn your trust so you can be assured of top quality legal advice, and documentation you can rely on.

    Other areas of commercial and business law we can help with include:

    • Business contracts.
    • Corporate law.
    • Commercial litigation and disputes.
    • Patents, trademarks and copyrights.
    • Property leasing.
    • Franchises.
    • Employment and workplace law.
    • Finance and taxation.
    • Insolvency and bankruptcy.
    • Defamation law.
    • Breach of contract.
    • Unfair dismissal or wrongful termination


    The first step is to contact us via telephone or email. One of our staff members will then book you in for a consultation with our expert lawyers. You will then receive a confirmation email with the relevant details


    The FREE consultation will allow you to sit with an experienced lawyer who will tailor their advice based on your current circumstances. We will then strategize the next steps and focus on the result.

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    With our legal team by your side, you can be assured that your concerns will be transformed into confidence and favourable outcomes. we will be with you every step of the way.

    The Types of Help We Offer

    1. Commercial Leasing

    At Quill Legal, we can offer legal advice to both landlords and tenants leasing commercial properties in the Sydney area. Right from the beginning of the process through to conclusion — our experts will draft commercial leases, prepare all related documents, and deal with any other issues that arise throughout the lifetime of your business leases.

    Tenants of Commercial Properties

    As a tenant of a commercial property, you might have lots of questions. What are your obligations under the lease? Do you need a commercial lawyer to look at the lease for you? Are the conditions of the lease fair?

    At Quill Legal, we can answer all these questions and any others you may have in respect of leasing a commercial or retail property. Our commercial lawyers work for you and with you to negotiate terms which are favourable — after all, the landlord’s agent is working only with the landlord’s interests in mind.

    We will explain all the relevant issues pertaining to your commercial lease, in a language you understand, without all the jargon. By educating you about the terms and conditions, and any obligations, you can make an informed decision. We want to ensure you fully understand the agreement you are entering into — whether you’re taking a commercial lease on offices, a factory, a warehouse, or retail premises, among others.

    Landlords of Commercial Premises

    As a landlord of commercial property, you want to make sure you have reliable tenants and a strong lease to protect your investment. At Quill Legal, our expert business lawyers ensure the terms of your lease are clear, without leaving you open for disputes down the line. We work with you all through the process, keeping you informed every step of the way.

    We will negotiate the best terms with your tenant, so your investment has the potential for growth and gives you the best return possible. The advice we offer helps maintain a good relationship with your tenant, to avoid potential litigation at a later stage.

    However, there may be times when litigious situations arise. If they do, we are on hand to help. Our aim is to work to resolve any issues quickly and efficiently, always with your best interests at heart.

    Our End to End Service for Tenants and Landlords

    The areas of expertise we can cover in respect of both tenants and landlords include, but aren’t limited to:

    • All aspects of new leases.
    • Reviewing the permitted use of commercial property.
    • The start and end date of the lease.
    • Detailing guarantees or security bonds.
    • Obligations and rights of both tenant and landlord.
    • Any issues regarding subletting.
    • Rent reviews.
    • Any breach of the lease.
    • Insurance requirements.
    • Rent reviews.
    • Lease termination.
    • Responsibilities for repair and maintenance.
    • Lock outs.
    • … And more.

    2. Commercial Litigation

    If you find yourself in the position where a dispute has arisen relating to your business, you will need a competent commercial litigation lawyer to act on your behalf. This is where Quill Legal steps in. We understand the complex nature of disputes involving corporate or business law, and will do our utmost to help resolve issues without legal action.

    We make sure we fully understand the situation, and explain the legal aspects to you in plain English, so you understand them as well. Our first route will always be to encourage arbitration or mediation, to achieve a solution that can be agreed by all parties. We’ll do our best to negotiate a resolution, and then ensure that it is carried out as agreed.

    Some of the common issues, where commercial litigation arises and Quill Legal can help with, include:

    • Employment disputes.
    • Contract disputes.
    • Debt recovery.
    • Disagreements between landlords and tenants.
    • Corporate governance.
    • Mergers and acquisitions.
    • Bankruptcy, both corporate and personal.
    • Partnership, franchising or shareholder disputes.
    • Consumer law.
    • Building and construction law.
    • Corporate criminal matters.
    • … And more

    Our commercial litigation team is experienced, professional, and accessible. They take pride in providing you with first-class service and sharing their expertise on all aspects of dispute resolution and commercial litigation.

    3. Purchasing or Selling a Business

    Buying or selling a business can be stressful for anyone. Quill Legal aims to make the process as smooth and seamless as possible, allowing you to concentrate on the daily operation of your new or existing enterprise.

    No matter whether your business is large or small, or whether it’s a sale or acquisition of shares or assets, we can help. Our experienced commercial legal team can prepare you for negotiations, and manage the transactions from start to finish. We have dealt with many business purchases and sales, including real estate, retail, franchising, manufacturing, medical, commercial, automotive, and more.

    Our experts aim to educate you, so you understand the decisions being made in an informed manner. We keep you updated throughout the sale or purchase, so there are no nasty surprises.

    Some of the factors involved in selling or buying a business include:

    • Statutory requirements and regulations.
    • The nature of the business and the industry it operates in.
    • Size and location of the business.
    • The nature of the operation.
    • What asset classes are involved.
    • Industrial relations environment and employment arrangements.
    • Land that the business occupies and its relevance.

    Whether you are selling or buying a business, or even merging or restructuring, it’s best to engage the services of a commercial lawyer as early as possible in the process. Quill legal can advise you on all matters, such as:

    • Preparing a “Heads of Agreement” which outlines the basic terms of the transaction or agreement. The detail can be locked down at a later stage in the process.
    • Carry out due diligence, so if you are selling, you know everything is in order to get you the best price. Conversely, if you’re buying, you know the price is fair and understand exactly what your purchase includes.
    • Assist with asset protection and business structure.
    • Help with negotiations.
    • Ascertain banking and regulatory requirements.
    • … and more.

    The Importance of Due Diligence

    Due diligence is one of the most important things to carry out when buying or selling a commercial enterprise. It’s relevant for purchasers and vendors alike, to ensure you get the right deal for you.

    As a business vendor, we help you make sure your business affairs are coordinated and reviewed, so you can rest assured it’s organised, compliant, and complete. Remember, your buyer could be looking for ways to get the price reduced, or they might pull out altogether.

    If you’re buying a business, you naturally want to make sure your vendor’s house is in order and that it’s fairly priced, not misrepresented, and compliant. As your commercial lawyers, Quill Legal will make sure enough time is allowed to carry out these investigations fully, to give you the complete picture.

    The type of commodities that fall under due diligence include:

    • Governance documents and corporate structure.
    • Regulatory licences.
    • Approvals and permits.
    • Commercial leases and property documents.
    • Employment records.
    • Asset reports, for what is included and their condition.
    • Insurance documents and finance agreements.
    • Material contracts.
    • Details of any ongoing litigation.
    • All public searches of a company’s corporate data.
    • Intellectual property.

    Our experts in business law will ensure that any concerns are identified, and keep the process as efficient and streamlined as possible. Contact Quill Legal

    Other aspects of buying and selling a business where Quill Legal excel include:

    • Commercial leases:

      We review the existing lease, make sure everything is in order for transfer, and ascertain the terms of the lease. If any aspect of this is unfavourable, we can either renegotiate the lease or work out an agreement on a new lease to suit your requirements.
    • Regulatory compliance:

      When you are buying a business it’s essential that all regulatory permits, licences and authorisations are in place, so you can carry out your business legally. On occasion, there may be licences which can’t be transferred, or a change in regulations that require new applications.
    • Contract reviews:

      Suppliers or customers might have key contracts in place which will need looking over to ensure there are no hidden provisions and that they can be enforced
    • Stock transfer:

      If existing stock is part of the deal, then a stocktake will need to be carried out, to include in the contract.
    • Equipment and plant:

      Valuations for equipment and plant included in the sale will be obtained, along with transfer of any existing warranties, if applicable.
    • Workforce:

      Decisions will need to be made regarding current employees. Do they have written contracts? Will you keep any or all of them? Our experts will advise you on legislative requirements in respect of this.
    • Finance:

      We can liaise with your bank to ensure all financial arrangements are in place and ready for when they are needed. We also liaise with your accountant to review the company’s financial statements, if required.
    • Transitional handover assistance:

      If, as a buyer, you need help with the handover of the business, we will make sure this is negotiated, agreed, and documented.
    • Protection of goodwill:

      You don’t want your vendor setting up a competing business. We can advise you and negotiate restraint on the seller, to avoid this happening for a period of time.
    • Dispute management:

      Partnership, shareholder, and unit holder agreements can be drawn up to ensure all parties are clear and cooperate on the way the business is operated and managed. We can also look at an exit strategy if one or more parties involved want to leave the business.
    • Business structure:

      At Quill Legal, we’ll ensure that your business set up is sound, especially if it’s a partnership, joint venture, franchise, or company. We also deal with partnership dissolutions and corporate restructures.

    We have detailed many of the aspects of commercial and business buying and selling that we can assist with. To find out how we can help you, please get in touch.

    About Quill Legal

    At Quill Legal we innovate, educate, and plan to evoke excellence and confidence. Our principal solicitor, Shams, and his team are focused on delivering an honest, first-class service. With Quill legal by your side, you have lawyers who will passionately listen, advise and advocate your rights from start to finish.

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      Can’t thank shams enough for all his help. Easy to deal with and was able to help with all questions and made everything make sense. Will use quill legal in the future

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      I cannot recommend Shams and Jennifer highly enough. They were very professional and acted with compassion and empathy as well. They helped me with my case which ended up a positive result. I will use them without hesitation if ever I needed legal representation again.

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      Jennifer acting on behalf of Quill legal was extremely professional and on point with our criminal matter, Quill Legal are very thorough and concise, I would highly recommend the team, personally I would like to thank Jennifer for all her hard work and seamless communication.

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      Put in an enquiry and got a call straight away. Received really great legal advice and put my mind at ease. Highly recommend and will be using again in the future. Very knowledgeable and puts your needs first.

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      I am grateful to Shams and his team for their legal representation in family court proceedings and mediations over the last three years. Their professionalism and diligence have resulted in outcomes that serve my best interests. I would definitely recommend Quill Legal for family law matters.

      Kavita Thakur

      Giving you right advise, very trustworthy

      Shams is a very professional and empathetic legal Representative. He and Redab handled my family law case really well. They were always available to listen and provide advise. Shams knows the system very well and never pushed to do things that werent necessary which i loved about working with him. He isnt in it just for money but really works hard for you and gives you the right advise. You can trust him with your eyes closed and expect the best outcome possible for your case.

      Jay Patel

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      I was super impressed by the level of expertise, empathy and kindness that Jennifer showed me. More importantly for representing me and securing the dismissal of the spurious charges against me. I'd highly recommend her for any of your criminal matters.

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      Impressive works

      Quill Legal has handled my family law matter over the last couple of years. I would be very pleased to recommend their services as I have found them to be transparent and collaborative. They have provided sound legal advice and navigated through challenging circumstances with a strategy that has been on point and outcome focussed. Beyond that; Shams and his team are great to deal with; he and his team respond quickly and are a voice of calm and reason, and have offered support and comfort through what is an emotionally gruelling process.

      Craig Waechter

      Thank you for achieving best result

      Shams, Redab and Jennifer from Quill Legal were by my side during a very difficult period, whilst I navigated the complexities of Family Court. I cannot thank them enough for their professional approach, friendly manner, and unwavering support. They care about their clients and want to achieve the best result. The insight and advice offered by Shams, regarding difficult matters regarding my family, was second to none and resulted in a favourable outcome. Very highly recommended.

      Chevanni Mike

      Amazing work, better outcome than expected

      I can not thank Jennifer Mouhaweg enough for the last minute amazing work she did for myself. For her to take on such a case last minute, she made it happen. And my outcome was better than we both expected. The impeccable communication inbetween her busy schedule, as busy as she is, she is understanding and the empathy she has is beautiful. Very straight to the point, knows what she is talking about through knowledge, numbers & statistics.. if you want a good lawyer, Jennifer Mouhaweg is your person. Thank you again Jen & Quill Team!!

      Lovly! YT

      A big thank you to Quill Legal for all their hard work relating to my family matter.

      An absolute awesome team lead by Shams. You weren't just my solicitors, you were also my shoulder I could lean on. You took on my very complex case and got me the outcome I hoped for. A big thank you to Cindy. You, Shams and the team are an absolute gem!!

      Fynn Bricknell

      I would strongly recommend anyone seeking legal advice to contact the team at Quill Legal. Thank you so much!

      I was recommended to speak to Shams from Quill Legal by a friend after he had seen how upset I was about loosing my drivers licence. Shams and the team guided me through the process of appealing my licence suspension in court. He listened to me and answered any questions I had during the case. The process was smooth and the team was professional and very easy to work with.

      I have recommended Quill Legal services to multiple friends and colleagues all of which have had shared the same fantastic experience.

      Daniel Moy

      I was stressed out about a complex traffic infringement. I reached out to Shams at Quill and that stress went away.

      Jennifer was given my case and touched base with me constantly. I was never left wondering what was going on with my case. At court jennifer was professional and got up and did an amazing. The best possible outcome was achieved for me. It was a such a relief to hear the words come out of the judges mouth. I walked out of court a happy man. It was all because of the team at quill. If you haven’t pick up the phone and called Shams, Jennifer and the team at quill to represent you, then you called the wrong law firm.

      Diwa Venkata

      Shams is very professional and empathetic legal practitioner.

      I recently used his services for a family law case. He is thorough and understands the situation and provides apt advice. I was able to resolve my issue within no time and thanks to his meticulous service. Highly recommend Quill legal for anyone looking for family law services.

      Jay Varma

      Highly professional, responsive

      Jennifer and team helped me in one of my hardest times in life related to personal matter in family, the outcome was positive which help me come out mentally, emotionally, professionally strong. Thank you!

      Clayton Bricknell

      Shams and his team were 'the rock' when they handled my Family Law Matter.

      He was always available to discuss options that we formulated or were presented, approachable either in his office or over the phone and very reasonable in terms of the costs that related to my matter. Shams is the right person and Quill as a firm, to consider should you have the need to progress with your own Family Law matter. Thank You Shams!

      Amanda Louise

      Quill Legal helped me gain control of my life again.

      I can't thank Shams and the entire team enough for getting justice for me. They are all so helpful, determined, professional and supportive. I wish I could rate Shams and his team higher than 5 stars for what they have done for my family. Best lawyers in Sydney!

      Mark Moretti

      Professional, friendly, great advice , fully transparent

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