New South Wales is known for strictly enforcing its traffic laws. At Quill Legal, we understand the impact losing your licence can have on your life. It may be the difference between picking your children up from school every day or being able to effectively operate your business.

Our team of experienced traffic offence lawyers can help protect your rights when it comes to appealing against an offence you feel you have not committed. We can help you fight a decision that you may believe is unfair and doesn’t take any extenuating circumstances into account.

As a driver, you can dispute many of the offences you may be charged with, including traffic fines, a speeding offence or a red light camera fine. You may disagree with allegations made about you, or perhaps you weren’t even the driver.

Quill Legal will fight hard for your rights. They’re just at the end of a telephone line and can help you through these difficult times. As expert traffic lawyers and drink driving lawyers, they might not be able to change what you may (or may not) have done, but they can ensure you receive a fair hearing.


Whether you are at risk of losing your driving licence or risk a suspension, you will need expert advice on your legal options. Quill Legal understands the situation can cause distress and wants to help you.

If you are caught speeding by more than 30km/h or by more than 45 km/h over a speed limit, a traffic police officer can issue an on the spot suspension of your licence. In this case, we can assist by filing an application at your court.

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At a court hearing, you will have two options, which our experienced traffic offence lawyer can advise you upon:
  • Plead guilty and seek a Section 10a where no conviction is recorded.
  • Plead not guilty for any number of reasons, including not being the actual driver, or maybe you dispute the speed recorded.

Should you be found guilty or a court fails to award a Section 10a, our experienced lawyers will seek the most amenable punishment possible. In most cases, unless you are a repeat offender, a licence suspension can be avoided.


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Parking fines may seem the least serious of traffic infringements, but they can also be the most infuriating — even more so if they are unjustly issued.

Your blood may boil when you receive a parking infringement for a space which wasn’t clearly marked as a no park zone — or maybe a confusing, hard to read sign was at fault.

Other common defences include a meter not working or tickets being issued incorrectly. Although most parking offences result in a fine-only situation — other more serious offences, like parking near a school crossing, also carry a loss of demerit points.

Your first instinct may be just to pay the fine, but they can soon become expensive too. Our traffic lawyers know the law on parking tickets and the defences available to you.


In New South Wales, the standard which is classified as negligent driving is relatively low. Basically, a driver is said to be negligent if they did not drive to a standard that a prudent driver would have, given the same circumstances. If the situation is serious in nature, it could be seen as reckless driving or dangerous driving.

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The three main charges which relate to negligent driving are:

  • Not causing death or GBH.
  • Occasioning grievous bodily harm (GBH).
  • Occasioning death.

The usual way of handling the first of these charges is by issuing a traffic infringement notice. Our traffic law offence lawyers can ensure your penalty takes into account any exceptional circumstances. However, if you are found guilty, an infringement notice will carry three demerit points for your licence.

Negligent driving, which leads to GBH or death, are obviously more serious charges. They carry a maximum penalty of 9 months or 18 months imprisonment, respectively. There’s also the likelihood of a criminal conviction and a loss of your driving licence.

It’s vital to obtain competent legal advice from a negligent driving lawyer as soon as possible when facing any of these charges — whether your licence has been suspended or you’ve been charged with more serious offences.

Call Quill Legal today to request a quote, make a booking or just chat over some legal advice.


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Our traffic infringement lawyers always have your best interests at heart. If you rely on your licence for work or driving the children to and from school, we can help you appeal against any suspension or disqualification periods.

Quill Legal can assist and challenge any traffic infringement such as speeding, drink driving, using a mobile phone and many more. Our experienced traffic lawyers know how to plead in the courts for leniency when it comes to traffic offences and their penalties.

We’ve helped many clients reduce a penalty and, even in some cases, had our client’s licence reinstated.

Here at Quill Legal, we have the experience to help prepare your licence appeal application, including filing all the relevant documents and representing you at court. With Quill Legal on your side, we give you the best opportunity to keep your licence.

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At Quill Legal, we thrive on challenges, no matter how big or how small. We pride ourselves on offering a first-class service to resolve your traffic issues. We understand you have a problem and are relying on us to fix it for you.

With our expert advice and understanding of the law, we will do our utmost to obtain the most favourable outcome we can. We will be beside you throughout the process, providing a listening ear and a shoulder to lean on.

We have over 10 years of experience in traffic law, family law, and workers compensation. There isn’t much we haven’t seen or come up against, and our innovation and commitment deliver the best results for you, our client.


Driving under the influence of alcohol or drink driving is one of the most common causes of road traffic accidents in New South Wales. This offence carries serious penalties, which all involve a period of disqualification from driving.

Our criminal and drink driving lawyers are highly experienced in obtaining the best possible results in court for our clients, including obtaining a Section 10, no conviction and no disqualification. We know how to plead leniency with the courts for less severe penalties and shorter licence disqualifications.

Our drink driving lawyers will help get your licence back and your life back on track.

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