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    Quill legal offers a trusted and dedicated service to those who have suffered both mental and physical injuries caused by another. Regardless of where you are located in Australia, we are both willing and able to help you.

    Since the inception and release of the Redress and Civil Litigation Report by the Royal Commissions (September 2015), we have successfully pursued claims on behalf of survivors who have been subjected to both sexual and physical abuse against the Australian government and private entities.

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    these organisations

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    Government Organisations

    We understand it can be very difficult for people to contact a lawyer and speak about abuse they suffered. In some cases it may have taken years, even decades, for a survivor to come to terms with what happened before communicating about their suffering. We are committed to providing the best possible independent legal advice, so that survivors are empowered by choice and can make informed decisions.

    Public and Private Schools

    If you were abused in school or college when younger and have undergone trauma, our specialist team of lawyers at Quill Legal can help you make a claim. We want to ensure that you have the help that is needed for you to move on from this traumatic experience


    A large number of abuse claims are brought against religious organisations. Church abuse is sadly very real and there have been many instances of those in charge being held to account for their inappropriate actions. Our historical sexual abuse lawyers are here to provide support and guidance at a very difficult time. If you or someone you know has suffered church abuse, then do get in touch with us.

    Youth and Sporting Clubs

    If you have been abused by a sports coach or youth club leader, whether physical, sexual or emotional, you could be entitled to justice. Historical sexual abuse is a complex area of law, and it’s important you seek legal advice from an experienced abuse lawyer as soon as possible.

    Prisons and Juvenile Justice Centres

    It’s a known fact that juvenile justice homes, established to provide care and protection as well as re-integration, rehabilitation and restoration of the children have literally been hell holes, where juveniles have been subjected to sexual abuse. If you have suffered or know of someone who has undergone historical sexual abuse in prisons or juvenile centres, then do get in touch with our expert lawyers at Quill Legal.

    Why Quill Legal

    Trusted, empathatic, and fair lawyers ready to help with your sensitive case

    We understand the sensitive nature of these claims, and this is why we have a trusted and dedicated team.

    Our lawyers will treat you with empathy and be there with you every step of the way.

    Informal approach where we ensure we facilitate a fair, just and reasonable outcome for you.

    Minimal stress and time.

    95% of our claims resolve via alternative dispute methods, either through mediation or settlement conferences, without having to go to court.

    Aim to achieve a financial resolution and receive an acknowledgment and apology from the organisation.

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    Lovly! YT

    A big thank you to Quill Legal for all their hard work relating to my family matter.

    An absolute awesome team lead by Shams. You weren't just my solicitors, you were also my shoulder I could lean on. You took on my very complex case and got me the outcome I hoped for. A big thank you to Cindy. You, Shams and the team are an absolute gem!!

    Fynn Bricknell

    I would strongly recommend anyone seeking legal advice to contact the team at Quill Legal. Thank you so much!

    I was recommended to speak to Shams from Quill Legal by a friend after he had seen how upset I was about loosing my drivers licence. Shams and the team guided me through the process of appealing my licence suspension in court. He listened to me and answered any questions I had during the case. The process was smooth and the team was professional and very easy to work with.

    I have recommended Quill Legal services to multiple friends and colleagues all of which have had shared the same fantastic experience.

    Daniel Moy

    I was stressed out about a complex traffic infringement. I reached out to Shams at Quill and that stress went away.

    Jennifer was given my case and touched base with me constantly. I was never left wondering what was going on with my case. At court jennifer was professional and got up and did an amazing. The best possible outcome was achieved for me. It was a such a relief to hear the words come out of the judges mouth. I walked out of court a happy man. It was all because of the team at quill. If you haven’t pick up the phone and called Shams, Jennifer and the team at quill to represent you, then you called the wrong law firm.

    Diwa Venkata

    Shams is very professional and empathetic legal practitioner.

    I recently used his services for a family law case. He is thorough and understands the situation and provides apt advice. I was able to resolve my issue within no time and thanks to his meticulous service. Highly recommend Quill legal for anyone looking for family law services.

    Jay Varma

    Highly professional, responsive

    Jennifer and team helped me in one of my hardest times in life related to personal matter in family, the outcome was positive which help me come out mentally, emotionally, professionally strong. Thank you!

    Clayton Bricknell

    Shams and his team were 'the rock' when they handled my Family Law Matter.

    He was always available to discuss options that we formulated or were presented, approachable either in his office or over the phone and very reasonable in terms of the costs that related to my matter. Shams is the right person and Quill as a firm, to consider should you have the need to progress with your own Family Law matter. Thank You Shams!

    Amanda Louise

    Quill Legal helped me gain control of my life again.

    I can't thank Shams and the entire team enough for getting justice for me. They are all so helpful, determined, professional and supportive. I wish I could rate Shams and his team higher than 5 stars for what they have done for my family. Best lawyers in Sydney!

    Mark Moretti

    Professional, friendly, great advice , fully transparent

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